Sleepytime CD - 70 Minutes of Sleep Induction

Clinically proven music for deep, restful sleep featuring un-looped, high resolution recording of the Pacific ocean at low tide, with relaxing synth drones and embedded Isochronic brain wave patterns to gradually help you fall asleep.  Can be used with or without headphones.

Brook & Bowls - Meditative and Energizing

Meditative and energizing CD, 3 tracks, 20 minutes each.  Featuring high resolution non looped recording of Vallecito Brook deep in the remote Weemenache wilderness of Colorado, USA.  Also 8 different antique hand hammered Tibetan sacred singing bowls and Isochronic brainwave patterns gradually moving from Alpha to Beta to Gamma.

Song of the Spheres - Ambient Space Music

Ambient space music, used in planetariums as a tribute to the long journey of the Voyager spacecraft.  Embedded with authentic sounds sent back from space after passing the orbits of Earth, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

Flowing Resonance - Sacred Water sources featuring Tibetan bowls with natural Isochronic Brainwave tones. First release of 2017!

Highest quality, multi-dimensional, non looped field recordings of sacred, natural water sources.  From continental divide snow melt run off over mossy, rounded rocks, to trickling brooks, stream, waterfall and ocean shoreline.  10 different antique (each over 150 years old), hand hammered Tibetan singing bowls played with a special malleted,  cross resonance technique that eliminates the sharp shrills that can commonly be heard in multi metal bowls or on bowls of lesser quality.  What you get is a beautiful, natural sounding resonance that is perfect for everything from deep meditation, relaxation, energizing, or ambient background.  Each of the tracks resonates at its own base tone of Isochronic brainwave pattern: Epsilon, Alpha, Gamma, Beta and Lambda.  Perfect for critical listening with headphones for the multi-multi-dimentional experience, or through high quality speakers, even lo-fi set ups will experience an immersive experience unlike anything you have heard before. 

Trans-Mobius - COMING soon....

Ultimate journey of consciousness, a multi-dimensional experience of the mind.

Reflections on Peace - Tribute to Peace

First album from Eurasica, published back in 2003, as a call to world peace that must begin within.

Harmonic Concordance - COMING SOON...

Journey through deep space utilizing the energies and alignment of the Harmonic Concordance which took place on November 8th, 2003, the alignment of 8 "planets" that occurred during the lunar eclipse beginning at 8:13pm.