Sound Healing Sunday 3/5/17

What is sound?

Frequency Friday 3/3/17

Different methods of Brainwave Entrainment (BWE)

Water Wednesday 3/1/17

On location video and water quote

Meditation Monday 2/27/17

Graphics showing the benefits of different types of meditation.

Frequency Friday 2/24/17

Great interactive learning frequency chart to show frequencies of common instruments heard in music.

Water Wednesday 2/22/17

Ocean photo with quote.

Frequency Friday 2/17/17

Here are a few photos of items used to target specific frequencies.

Frequency Friday 2/16/17

"Frequency Friday" video of tribute to Prince using Roli Seaboard rise.

Sound Therapy for Seniors

Demonstration of sound therapy for seniors

Flowing Resonance album press release

Flowing Resonance album press release.

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