Throwback Thursday 3/30/17

Info on ancient instrument, didgeridoo.

Meditation Monday 3/27/17

42Hz Gamma,Bowls and Brook sample

Frequency Friday 3/24/17

Info regarding tuning to 432Hz vs 440Hz 

Trend Tuesday 3/21/17

Article on Mid Side processing


Frequency Friday 3/17/17

Studies utilizing Alpha BWE with and without accompaniment.

Water Wednesday 3/15/17

Ocean underwater sounds chart

Meditation Monday 3/13/17

Crackling fire and importance of silence in sound healing

Frequency Friday 3/10/17

Demonstration of using a spectrograph to see and determine the frequency of one of my hand hammered antique Tibetan singing bowls (410.2 hz, G# )

Water Wednesday 3/8/17

Video share from Masaru Emoto's "Messages from Water"

Meditation Monday 3/6/17

Aview of what the sound frequency of 963Hz looks like via Cymatic Vorticular field patterning.

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